Students love our food!

Accent Catering took over the catering contract at ARK William Parker Academy and opened with a refreshed look to the dining halls and serving areas. They have introduced the Accent approach to fresh cooking and innovative food concepts which have gone down a storm with the students and the Academy’s team.
Accent have a ‘freshly cooked from top quality raw ingredients’ approach and all of their food is freshly made, every day, by the onsite catering team. The three week menu cycle is ever evolving, depending on seasonality and popularity, and will introduce new concepts and flavours to the students. We regularly seek feedback to make sure we are meeting the needs of the students and that we are stretching their culinary palates too! 
Our menus offer a wide variety of choices: a daily “theme” dish from around the world, including classic Italian lasagne; Greek inspired roasted vegetable and feta wraps and the ever popular traditional British baked fish and chips on Fridays. There are plenty of healthy choices, like our homemade yoghurt and fruit pots, salad boxes and cut fruit bags. We also offer a soup, filled jacket potatoes and a range of filled sandwiches, baguettes and rolls that are made fresh every day, plus a range of homemade flapjacks, brownies and cookies.
Feedback from the students told us that getting out, on to the playing fields, at lunch time, was important to them, so our ‘Street Food’ ready-boxed hot offers have proved a big hit. The students are able to grab a box of steaming ‘stir-fried chicken and vegetables with noodles, soy and ginger sauce’ or delicious ‘penne pasta and homemade meatballs with a tomato and pepper sauce’ ready to go straight from the hot plate.
In addition, the students can add their own take on flavours from our ‘Flavour Zone’. A range of toppers from chilli flakes, wasabi peas, crispy onions and a variety of seeds can be added to any dishes to add flavours and textures as required. This has proved really popular with some great feedback.
One of our parents, who has two sons at AWPA, had concerns about the change in dining arrangements. He was invited to see the new dining area in action and have a look at what was being offered to our students. Mr. Csobonas was very pleased with what he saw and stated “I would be more than happy to eat here myself. The choice is phenomenal and the food looks fantastic. Children don’t realise how lucky they are to have such a varied menu. I would have been really happy to have that much choice when I was young”. 
The catering team that transferred to Accent have been visibly motivated and re-energised and some real culinary talents have been uncovered. The team say they now look forward to coming to work and are enthusiastic and eager to cook and prepare fantastic fresh food. 
In addition to our catering team the students have made some great comments – “love the food” “loads of choice” and “much better than bringing in sandwiches”. With the whole food service approach Accent takes, the increase in student uptake truly speaks volumes!