A great term with attendance!

Attendance at Ark William Parker has improved considerably in the last term. Our boys have shown a commendable dedication to their studies and have shown the perseverance to attend school every day. We are sure that the results of this will show in their end of year assessments in the summer! Have a great half-term and see you back at school on Monday 4th June! Remember - Attendance is important!

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Students enjoy their geography field trip to Fairlight

One hundred and seven students from Year 10 visited Fairlight Country Park to investigate environmental damage, at the park, caused by tourism.  Half the cohort went on Monday, 2nd June; the other half on Thursday, 5th June. Shortly after tutor time, the students travelled by coach to Fairlight Country Park and arrived near the visitors centre, where they were split into two groups. They collected data on the depth of footpath erosion, percentage of vegetation cover, number of visitors and the gradient of the paths.  This geography field trip is part of their controlled assessment and students will be writing up their findings in class. 

The boys had a good time: Tim Broad said, “It was fun, and I enjoyed the practical nature of the trip.”;  Nick Sutherland said, “I really enjoyed it, and wanted to stay longer and go further into the park.”;  Shaun Howe said “I learned how to collect primary data and record it; I really enjoyed it.” and George Palmer added, “ I loved the walk and the views, and got a lot out of it; it was nice learning in an outside environment and not in the class room.”

Teacher Di Megit said “The students were amazing and excellent ambassadors for the academy.”