Students rewarded with a traditional Hastings treat

Year 9 students were called into an impromptu assembly on Friday 18th September at Ark William Parker Academy.  

As they made their way into the main school hall, there was much speculation and rumour as to why they were being brought together. “I wonder what has happened” and "do you think I'm in trouble?" were just some of the comments students were overheard saying to each other.

The year group need not have worried though as they soon found out why they had been assembled. They were told by Ms Kelly, Vice Principal, that together, they had collected more reward points than any other year group in the first two weeks of term; these points are awarded to students for positive behaviours and attitudes to learning, both in and outside the classroom. The students were then told that, as a surprise treat, an ice cream van was ready and waiting for them outside the hall. There were smiles all round as they queued eagerly, despite the odd shower of rain, to get their flake topped, ice creams. The reward was thoroughly enjoyed by all and was a fitting end to the week. 

Well done to all our students in Year 9!