A warm welcome for Walworth Academy

Sunshine, warmth and a gentle sea breeze was how Hastings greeted thirty four Year 12 students who visited from Walworth Academy at the beginning of July.

The same students had hosted ARK William Parker Year 12 sociologists who had travelled to south east London in March this year.

The return visit heralded the further development of friendships between the two sets of students and staff.

After a rapid tour of the school site, an appetite was generated by an amble through Alexandra Park to the old town. Despite an itinerary that included the most iconic elements of Hastings’ fishing heritage, it was clear that the consensus was that the only place to be on such a day was the beach. (It being the first beach experience for some of the Walworth students!)

Stone throwing, paddling and then a hearty consumption of big bags of chips saw both sets of students happy to relax, chat and enjoy their summery surroundings. The obvious enjoyment felt helped to underpin the primary aim of the visits which was to provide students who come from different geographical and cultural backgrounds a more in depth picture of the lives and experiences that young people are exposed to whilst growing up.

The visit ended far too soon. However, it is definitely in the calendar for next year.