Jekyll and Hyde surprise Hastings' Year 6s

Our Open Evening on Wednesday 30th September, for prospective students and parents, was a great success.

After a welcome address by the principal, Daniel Hatley, visitors were taken on tours by academy students. They were invited to take part in a range of exciting activities, which included making badges and laser cutting in DT, ‘Guess the famous historical person.’ in History and a name the logo contest in Business Studies. Visitors to the PE department had an energetic evening; they tried gymnastics and badminton, took part in basketball shootouts and participated in rowing and cycling challenges.

Curious children were drawn to the bangs and explosions emanating from the Science department where lots of experiments were taking place. They used test tubes in chemistry, tested strength equipment and had a few hair-raising experiences. When seeing a teacher handling balls of fire they eagerly joined the queue to set light to the methane bubbles in her hands!

There was inquisitive apprehension, in the English department, when Year 6 students stumbled across the motionless body of a student clutching a syringe, surrounded by hay and lying near an abandoned Italian blade. In order to solve this ‘whodunnit’ mystery, visitors had to look for clues around the ‘dead body’; gather evidence; watch scenes from ‘Mice and Men’, ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’, and ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Ark William Parker students enjoyed putting on the show with Milo Moody, who narrated the scene from ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ saying it was, “awesome” and “a lot of fun”.

Taste buds were in for a treat with samples of fine continental cuisine in the language department and jam tarts and a salad bar in food technology. In Art, Matthew Harris and Bobby Salmon enjoyed making clay pots with the older students. Children also had fun making lots of noise in the Music department, trying all manner instruments including a very loud drum kit!

The event was held so prospective students and parents could catch a glimpse of life at Ark William Parker Academy to help them when making the important decision as to their future education. If you missed this event and would like to visit the academy, please telephone 01424 439888 to arrange a tour.

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