A dramatic performance to ensure our students keep safe

On 17th November Ark William Parker students participated in a performance by Box Clever Theatre.

The actors presented a highly engaging and interactive show set around a court proceeding; there was a witness presentation of the events of a teenager’s evening car journey. As the drama unfolded, students were faced with familiar and recognisable actions and the stark consequences of decisions that they make, either as passengers or novice drivers. The performance highlighted the positive role that can be played by passengers to make car journeys safer.

Adam Pearson, Year 11 student said “This performance gave a unique perspective on road safety; better than statistics or graphs. The drama and interactive bits were exciting; what an experience! I learnt that a lot more teenagers are killed on country lanes, as opposed to motorways, despite the speed difference.”

Collette Iglinski, coordinator of PSHEE, said “We take student safety very seriously at Ark William Parker, including teaching students to be aware of the dangers associated with busy roads and how to minimise risk. Workshops like those run by Box Clever Theatre are an incredibly important part of encouraging safe behaviour, both during and outside of school hours. I believe it is important that we give students the opportunity to ensure they keep safe and have a real understanding of the responsibilities they have as either a driver or passenger.”

As part of the PSHEE programme for Year 11, Ark William Parker coordinates drop down events with specific focus. This event was to raise awareness of the number of road traffic collisions involving young people on country lanes; statistically this is higher than in urban areas.

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