Students in Hastings learn first aid skills

As part of their PSHEE curriculum Year 8 students at Ark William Parker Academy are learning a range of first aid techniques which will help them to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to act in an emergency. The curriculum has covered how to deal with a range of emergency situations, including the treatment of burns, choking and how to give CPR. Students have been taught how to place a patient in the recovery position and have modelled the correct information to share in an emergency 999 call.

Collette Iglinski, coordinator of PSHEE said, “This lesson was a development of our basic first aid course after receiving our resuscitation equipment from a successful bid to the British Red Cross. As an Academy we feel it is essential that students engage with their learning in a practical way. If a medical emergency should arise then students need to have experience to be able to handle such situations. As a school we support the idea that emergency first aid education should be a requirement within all schools.”

The Academy has also invested in defibrillators for each block in the school and training of staff to ensure safety of students, staff and visitors.