Indie singer-songwriter gives a lyrical lesson in e-safety

Rich Cottell, a musician/songwriter has been touring the UK to engage young people on the message of e-safety and cyber bullying through music.

Rich, working with The Prime Agency, visited Ark William Parker to give a special performance and deliver an important message about safety and how to stay safe online. He performed a number of songs in order to motivate students. Students also got to perform the chorus with him, enjoying getting up on the stage and performing in front of their peers.

Students learnt about different technology apps and tools that they use day to day, receiving the message that it is important to ensure their own security through the use of 'privacy settings' - as an Academy this is a message we are keen to reiterate to students.

Student Francis Petersen said “We learnt about cyberbullying; I didn’t realise it happened. The session was funny and interesting and I now know that I should not give out any personal information online.”

Jeremy Copland said “I never knew about CEOP. I would definitely use it if I found myself in a difficult situation.”

If student at Ark William Parker is concerned about cyber bullying or bullying - the school has a confidential box in the lower school, and a facility on their school home page called the Confide button. These are routinely checked by Heads of Year in order to counteract students concerns.