Chaplaincy and Assemblies

The Academy assemblies are run weekly; they are linked to the themes of the week and are led by the Senior Leadership Team, Heads of Year, Church Schools Co-ordinator and local Vicars.

Activity Date Chaplain
Remembrance 11 November Rev Paul Parks
Advent Eucharist 2 December Rev Luke Irvine-Capel
Assembly 9 January Fr Dave Hill
Eucharist 27 January Rev Luke Dean
Assembly 6 February Rev Mike Coe
Prayer Spaces 8 February  
Eucharist 3 March Fr Dave Hill
Assembly 27 March Fr Robert Featherstone
Prayer Spaces w/c 24 April  
Eucharist 28 April Rev Luke Dean
Assembly 8 May Fr Dave Hill
Assembly 5 June Rev Paul Parks
Eucharist 30 June Rev Luke Irvine-Capel

Our Chaplains

This year the academy has introduced an incumbent programme of chaplains; these chaplains work in parishes in the local community.

We would like to introduce you to two of our Chaplains.

Father David Hill

Parish: St John the Evangelist - Upper St Leonards

Degree: Theology

Previous Jobs: Carpet salesman, barman, missionary in Africa, army chaplain, head of RE in a secondary school

Currently: Parish Priest


Luke Dean

Parish: St John’s Hollington, St Peter and St Paul

Degree: Surveying and Mapping Sciences

Previous Jobs: worked in an inspection department in space and defence, delivery driver, land and hydrographic surveyor, software engineer, systems analyst, survey trainee 

Currently: Vicar and Ark William Parker School Governor