Scholarship Application Form for Performing Arts and Sports

We are exceptionally pleased to be able to tell you that Ark have provided some funding for a few Sports and Arts Scholarships. This is to recognise exceptional achievement or potential in sports and the arts, and therefore, it will be measured through an application process. The closing date for application forms is Friday 7th December 2018. A printable version of the form can be found here. We welcome all applications however, funding will be limited.

Scholarship email application form for Performing Arts and Sports

The latest letter from Yvonne Powell, Executive Principal, can be found here.


This policy sets out Ark’s commitment to safeguarding the children in our academies and describes in sections 2 and 3 the aims and scope of the policy. Section 4 details the key safeguarding procedures, policies and available information to academies to support safeguarding in our schools. In section 5 the policy describes our support for the child and how we partner with our parents and carers and section 6 outlines the responsibilities in our network for those with a particular safeguarding remit.

Click the link below for the full policy.

Safeguarding Policy

School Procedures and Policies - Appendix A

Appendix B via link in Safeguarding Policy

Appendix C via link in Safeguarding Policy

Recruitment and Appointment Policy - Appendix D


Child Protection

Designated Safeguarding Lead Ms C Bessa T. 01424 448235                           

Safeguarding Officer /
Deputy Desginated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs C Hoare T. 01424 448208   

Head of Saunders House    

Safeguarding Team

Mr S Sully  T. 01424 448203                           

Head of Parker House    

Safeguarding Team

Ms S Clark T. 01424 448216                        

Head of Saxon House   

Safeguarding Team

Ms D Hodgkin T. 01424 448249    

Sixth Form    

Safeguarding Team

Mr C Doherty (Sixth Form)  T. 01424 448212