By wearing the full school uniform, students at Ark William Parker demonstrate visually that they belong to the Academy community. Their uniform is a symbol of equality, identity and allegiance to the institution, its aims and vision.


Every member of the Academy community should be clear about the uniform requirements and fully committed to operating within this policy.

Every student has a responsibility to wear the full Academy uniform at all times when the Academy is in session and on their journey to and from school.

Every parent/carer has a responsibility to ensure that their child has a full Academy uniform and wears it correctly each day.

Every member of staff has a responsibility to check students’ uniforms, intervening in the case of any infringement and ensuring that it is rectified.


The main Academy uniform is as follows:

  • Blazer (navy blue with red braid) with badge*
  • Plain white shirt
  • Academy tie*
  • Black classic style trousers (no black jeans style trousers)
  • If a pullover is worn it should be the academy jumper with the badge embroidered*. No hoodies, sweatshirts etc to be worn either under of over the blazer
  • Shoes should be plain black. Trainers should only be worn when engaged in sporting activities.
  • Coat must be a plain dark colour and worn over the blazer. 

Earrings or other body piercings are not to be worn in school. If your son wishes to have pierced ears, the operation is best carried out at the start of the summer holidays to allow time for the hole to heal.
Hair must be tidy and acceptable in style. Unnatural dyed colours and patterned haircuts are not acceptable.

For Physical Education, students will require:

  • 1 pair navy blue football shorts*
  • 1 house colour rugby top*
  • 1 house colour macron t-shirt*
  • 1 pair training shoes (not boots)
  • 1 pair of football boots
  • 1 pair navy blue football socks*
  • optional macron track suit bottoms and zip up training top*

Please ensure that all uniform and P.E. kit is marked clearly and indelibly.

Uniform Supplier

Ark William Parker Academy has one sole supplier for many of the uniform items. Those items marked with an asterisk (*) above may ONLY be purchased from the school or direct from the official supplier. These uniform items may not be replicated by high street brands or home-made products. Parents/carers must ensure that they have purchased the relevant asterisked items for their child from the school or the supplier prior to their start at the Academy.

All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with the student’s full name.

Uniform Supplier: Super Stitch 86


Students must carry all required equipment for a full school day. We expect all students to have the following:

  • A school bag which can hold A4 books/folders.
  • A pencil case containing at least 2 black/blue pens, pencils, a ruler, an eraser and other basic stationery.
  • A calculator.